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William McQueen (wmcqueen@oise.utoronto.ca)
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 23:22:31 -0400 (EDT)

Following a very difficult period of bringing two projects (both of which
came at once) to a successful conclusion, there are signs of "burn out"
and individual fatigue amongst the participants and dilution and wandering
of attention to long term goals and purposes. So far there has been "no
time" for debriefing, and the fatigue is at a level that there is
resistance to "go through it all over gain." It is a small group of three
people who work regularly together.

I would appreciate any collective wisdom about how a debriefing of these
two projects could be undertaken and conducted in such a way as to

1. Help the participants rejuvenate (especially important in regard to
commitment and emotions)

2. Enhance their individual and small group learning capacities and
contributions for the future

3. Renew their ability to work together, and offer appropriate
leadership. (The leader has grown very weary.)

4. Focus on collective solutions.

Any personal stories, innovative approaches or suggestions appreciated.

An earthy quote one associate gave me might be a departure: "Have a burial
and a wake.... for that project." (to ensure a vitality in new

Thanks very much.
Bye for now,

Bill McQueen in Toronto
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