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Sat, 21 Aug 1999 20:32:05 EDT

Replying to LO22438 --

Harriet asked...

>...Whether appraisal of performance and performance
>development can reside effectively in the same system?

and Brock replied...

>My answer is that you can't improve your performance or help someone else
>without some form of evaluation taking place. However - and this is a
>huge however - the compatibility depends on what use is made of the
>evaluation and the form that the appraisal takes.

I agree with Brock but would like to add that any real appraisal must be
actualized by the person being developed him or herself. I prefer to call
it "Feedback and Development" on the premise that I, as a manager am not
really capable of assessing someone's else's real performance separate
from the system that they work in.

Taking this path forces me to be 100% accountable as a leader to help my
people be successful. If I use the traditional appraisal system and find
out someone is not measuring up, who should I blame? I either have the
wrong person in the wrong job or they have become de-motivated through
some misaligned policy of the organization. Deming had shown that people
were the problem only 6% of the time and my own experience shows a figure
closer to 3%. So why not be bold and give the 3% a break and take
responsibility for ALL OF THEM?

Notice when I take this stance, we start with the "buts".... "but some are
doing great and some are just real losers". "What will my evaluation be
if I can't get them to perform?" It is very scary... but also incredibly
liberating! Say it! ...."I am responsible for enabling my people to
outstanding performance and they will love their work".

OK... Now that we are ready to take the challenge, how do we go down such
a new path? The reality of such a process is that it does take time....
but the results are worth the effort! I have personally used such a
"shift of mind" and in more then one organization. If anyone has
interest, I would be happy to share a possible path that I have found

take care,

Chuck Wallace
Valero Refining


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