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Carol Sager (
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 18:02:06 -0400

When Tom Peters wrote, *We either get used to thinking about the subtle
processes of learning and sharing knowledge in dispersed, transient
networks - Or we perish,* Networking for Knowledge (NFK) took the
challenge. NFK started in October 1996 as a result of an LO discussion.
Our intent was to test theories of knowledge creation and innovation. At
first we met in the Boston area. Soon NFK grew to the point where we now
meet exclusively via email.

What we have found is that a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and innovation
exists and can be created among people with a passion for learning and a
willingness to explore critical linkages across traditional occupational,
professional, and academic boundaries -- even in a dispersed, transient

We are inviting LO members to respond to our new NFK topic: What Are The
Key Factors for Improving Organizational Effectiveness During the Next
Five Years? We welcome your input. Please send your comments to All comments printed will be fully credited so please
include your name and title as you would like it to appear in print.

More information about NFK and the audiences we reach is available on our

We have also included the results of a previous NFK topic for you to read.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon (deadlines in the publishing
business are always *an hour ago*) :- ))


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