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Thanks. From my KM background I am familiar with the *topics* of the
titles of these books, but I have not read either book itself. I was not
aware that "Intellectual Capital' was written specifically toward this
issue. I had assumed it to be a broader look at Intellectual and other
intangible assets more generally. I will look at the books.

I'm hoping as well for some quicker-read articles as resources, though
books are welcome. I have been surprised to not find much when searching
@BRINT, KM Magazine, KM World, CIO, and several of the other major KM

I am also hoping for some jump-start advice from some who have carried out
such projects. There is an ad hoc team of individuals here who,
voluntarily and on their own time, are exploring this issue with me. None
of us has specific experience in this task. We are using our groupthink to
analyze the issues. If anyone has some precautions that they've learned or
some gleanings for how they would have done it differently, or the issues
they forgot to consider when they worked on this, those are more than

Thanks again, doc. those books will kick-start me, too.



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