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Wed, 25 Aug 1999 07:08:09 EDT

Dear learners,

I thought this might make interesting food for thought?

Change from the Centre

Among the ancients, he who wished to have the shining virtue illuminated
throughout the world first governed his nation well. Wishing to govern his
nation well, he first managed his family in good order, wishing to manage
his family in good order he first cultivated his person, wishing to
cultivate his person, he first rectified his heart. Wishing to rectify his
heart, he first rendered his thoughts sincere. Wishing to render his
thoughts sincere, he first let his innate intellect reveal itself. The way
to reveal innate intellect is to eradicate the desire for things. Unable
to eradicate the desire for things, ones person cannot be cultivated. This
goes through all things.

The Great Learning, Confucius

Best wishes

Andrew Campbell


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