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Call for Papers Deadline Dec. 1, 1999
Management Development Forum (MDF)

MDF is published twice a year by the FORUM Management Education
program at the State University of New York - Empire State College. This
publication is distributed to human resource professionals, trainers, and
consultants engaged in management development and education. MDF serves as
a pool for new theory and practical knowledge that will support human
resource professionals seeking to enhance management training, education,
and development in their organizations. We are seeking only articles well
grounded in accepted theory, and presenting a balance of research and
practical implications.
Topics of interest include change and innnovation, competency-based
management development, human resource management, leadership
effectiveness, organizational learning and development, total quality
management and continuous improvement, self-management, and management
The objectives of this journal are to:
- stimulate innovative thinking,
- share new developments and ideas, and
- report on new techniques and intervention programs relevant to

Editorial Criteria
All manuscripts are subject to a blind review. Management Development
Forum selection criteria are based on the following:
- Style Does the information or ideas flow clearly?
- Audience appeal Does the article capture HR professionals' interest
in promoting broad management development and effectiveness? Is it
current, relevant, and useful?
- New thinking Does the article stimulate innovative thinking and the
development of new insights? Does it promote new ideas?
- Balance Is the approach discussed in the article grounded in accepted
theory? Does it have practical implications?
The Management Development Forum will notify you when its editorial
board has made a decision. We will not return manuscripts. Authors will
be contacted about suggested revisions prior to publication, although we
reserve the right to make minor editorial changes. Manuscript submission
implies agreement with this policy.
The Management Development Forum cannot pay for manuscripts, but two
complimentary copies will be provided to published authors.

For more information on writing style and submission guidelines,
contact or call 800-847-300, ext. 235.


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