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Dear Chuck

I have extensively used just about all the so called personality tests,
and cannot find one shred of evidence that personality has anything to do
with leadership. It is far better in the form of system thinking to
measure behavioural responses, motivation and capability. I use the
Time-Horizon for capability, the LAB profile for behavioral responses and
my own Motivational profiler called IVA to measure motivation, this plus
skilled knowledge more that covers what one needs. Not only is there very
poor correlation between personality testing and leadership but even less
correlation to do with problem solving or capability the cornerstones of
leadership. There is also no evidence that a certain personality has a
bent for certain jobs. In fact the personality problem has not even been
defined. see Tolman, Hs Sullivan, Klein, Kohut, Jaques etc etc. Nobody
even knows what personality is, this has not been defined. See 16PF
Cantell, OPQ Saville Holdsworth, Drake P3, Carlson Learning, Relationship
Awareness Index, Wilson Learning, Brookes group plus a host of others.
There is not one single agreement between these profilers.

To take the systems approach you must have a feedback loop, and not one of
these have even a clue to what a systems approach even is. All in all the
personality approach is pretty dysfunctional. A systems approach if you
look at the balancing system, must have in the internal representations,
plus, capability, plus knowledge plus motivation on the one side, and the
responses, behaviour and skill on the other to be a truly proper systems
process. If you want specific details on this ie drawings on systems
thinking and the person I will be happy to send you an attachment showing
how this all hangs together.

Gavin wrote:

> Has anyone attempted to utilize personality typing (Meyers-Briggs or
> Keirsey Temperament Sorter) to determine those in an organization that
> are "built" for holistic or systems thinking?


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