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One of my friend is also a tutor of coaching himself, without coincidence,
he talk to me yesterday about using Eneagram in assisting his coaching.

He said that personality categorization is a way to know other's mental
model, AND the mental model of the observer per se. Since Eneagram is now
quite a hit topic in Hong Kong, some of my friends who know me talk to me
that I am Number 5, which my friend who tecah coaching told me, No.5 might
be some of the most obvious traits, but might not be my number! The number
I belong should be discovered by me, not those so-called expert. cos they
might using their mental model to frame on me, to fit their explanation.
And one of the function of this personality typing is to leave a space for
us to embrace others, to know we are different. And also as a tool for
understanding(other mental models).

Anyway, my friend is a strong beliver of Eneagram, he said this is a very
in-depth tool to explore our true self, and it even beyonds the
psychology. Can anyone tell me more about Eneagram?

I am really curious about how to merge this personality stuffs into
Personal Mastery. As I know, PM used Fritz's creatve-tension as well as
Human Dynamics, and I found that HD is an extremely simplified version of
other's personality studies. How good is HD? can anyone help?


Joey Chan


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