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Hi Scott,

Scott Simmerman wrote:

> Arbitrarily linked to Systems Thinking and Personality Types LO22522

> At the risk of interjecting a little humor into the MBTI etc. discussion,
> I thought you'd all like this. Jay Spitulnik got them from Brad Newman
> here in lovely Massachusetts, but he is not sure where Brad found them.

With regard to using personality type tests, i think they're fun, i have
learned a lot from them and - basic parardox of learning -learning in
order to control inhibits learning (Aryris). So applying a test in order
to control a person or people: that is the problem with tests. It is like
square wheels: they'll last longer when you do not use them.

By the way, why are so many of these tests in magazines for women?

Take care,

Jan Lelie


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