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Fri, 3 Sep 1999 15:14:54 EDT

Replying to LO22553 --

The first time that I heard about my "personality", Some teachers in my
high school said I was ENFP. "Assessments", they all told me, "will help
in your career", Though how they were to do so wasn't ever very clear.

In college I encountered the insightful "questionnaire", Which was twenty
questions long - and fairly standard Redbook fare. And I learned my
motivations and my views on sex were weird, Then I took a class on Freud
and dreamed my mother grew a beard.

Somehow I persevered through school, and finally graduated, Though my
right-brained way of thinking was quite frequently berated. Then I joined
the military and I did my stint in basic And learned about myself through
Minnesota Multiphasic.

I tried at least one EQ quiz, and dabbled with the DiSC, (a trademarked
thing that I'm not sure was worth investment RiSK) And when I saw a book
store shelf stuffed full of Psych. Today I pulled each advertisement card
and mailed them all away.

But then I learned that Keirsey knew my personality, Or so I thought until
I met those folks in NLP. And then I found some web sites that declared
they knew my type, And I tried their hyperlinks - and found their links
were mostly hype.

I even joined an LO list to learn what they had used Though because I'm
not a Leo all those posts got me confused. And besides, my type B writing
makes my letters way too tender, Which causes some confusion of my type
(and of my gender!).

So I guess there is a lesson here, through my irreverent jest, Expect to
get some typos when you give a typing test.

Lon Badgett

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