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Wed, 8 Sep 1999 14:03:57 -0400

Please forgive this unsolicited message. I thought the members of your
list would be interested to know about the NODE Learning Technologies
Network's freely accessible collection of resources aimed at students and
learners, both on- and off-campus [ ]. I would
appreciate you forwarding this message to your list if you think it's
appropriate. Thank you for your time.


The NODE's Resources for Learners pages [ ] are
designed to help students with many aspects of their education. The site
is comprehensive yet concise, and as clear and self-contained as possible.


- The Reference Shelf is a listing of online basic reference tools, as
well as links to online libraries and library catalogues. Think of this
as your "jumping-off" place into cyberspace research!

- The Virtual Librarian coaches you through the basics of searching the
Internet, teaches you how to critically evaluate the information you
received, and gives you a primer in searching techniques so you won't be

- The Study Buddy: everything you're going to need to face the challenges
of college or university. Here are tips to plan effectively, write
coherently and study productively. Think of it as your personal online
academic trainer!

- The Technology Toolkit demystifies Internet applications, explaining
everything from e-mail and listservs, to Archie and Gopher. Great for
those who are familiar with the web but are ready to branch out.

You can find these resources at Visit us,
bookmark us, recommend us to others, and come back often!


These pages are provided as a free service of the NODE Learning
Technologies Network ( ), a not-for-profit electronic
network, facilitating information and resource sharing, collaboration and
research in the field of learning technologies for post-secondary
education and training.

Leslie Fournier

Communications Officer
the NODE Learning Technologies Network
410 Dufferin Avenue
London * Ontario * Canada * N6B 1Z6



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