Corporate Portals LO22610 -Seminar - Toronto - Sept 21-22

Bryan Davis (
Thu, 9 Sep 1999 17:55:42 -0700

Dear Colleagues,

Corporate Portals are set to become a major infrastructural and community
platform supporting shared learning, in the drive to build more
knowledge-aware, adaptive, flexible, continuous learning, and innovative

>From this perspective, the The Delphi Canada Group particularly invites
Learning Org list members to take advantage of a special $200 dollar
discount off the regular fee for our Corporate Portals Seminar --The
Forefront Of Technology For The Middle Office Revolution.

Dates: Toronto-Sept 21, 22; Vancouver-Oct 5, 6 and Montreal-Nov 9,10

For seminar information and to register call (416) 651-3083 or visit our
web site at

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