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>>How might this person help others, especially the late adapters, process,
>>accept, embrace, endorse or buy into the vision (as is or adjusted/some
>>collaborative adaptation)?

Here are some more, I hope, direct ideas about this question

When new people enter an organization they learn by watching peers and
leaders and mangers actions. Vision is transferred by actions.

People watch to see who gets promoted, who gets chastised, who is
accepted, etc. The use that information to both consciously and
unconsciously adopt the behavior that best suits their needs. Since we all
have different needs and talents the same situation does not always yield
the same behaviors.

People see the true vision of the organization by learning from the
actions of managers then behave accordingly. No amount of words can change
the picture painted by actions.

Therefore to impact new people, live your beliefs and they will follow if
it helps them meet their personal needs. The vision lived is a powerful
communicator the vision spoken is at best a start. People will see the
similarity between action and word and trust or the dissimilarity and

Usually when the vision is not accepted by the organization it is because
the actions are dissimilar when compared to the words.

When the Pilgrims landed in New England they came with the idea that they
could make a better life with out the tyranny of the Old World. They
believed and lived that if they worked hard they could make life better
for themselves and their children.

The next wave of settlers came with a similar vision. If I work hard I can
make life better for myself and my children. Now several hundred years
later the immigrants still come with the same vision.

At about the same time Cabrillo and Cortez came to the new world. The came
with the mission to take wealth from the new world and send it home to
Spain. They did just that and rode in their armor and on their horses
from Yucatan North pillaging and filling their ships with plunder for the

What vision did the leave with the next generations. Is it possible they
left a vision, that said 'If I am to be better off you must give it to me
or I must take it'. Did that leave a vision of I can help my self and that
wealth can be created or one that says wealth is fixed.

Visions are what we live not what we say and they are transmitted by what
we do.

For what it is worth my two cents from some modest experience in spreading
the vision of Continually Improving.

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"The only vision heard is the one conveyed by the actions of management,
not statements, nor good intentions but the demonstration of the beliefs." ET


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