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Replying to LO22631 --

Thanks Philip Pogson,

You wrote: "I think your call for "heart intelligence" is a wonderful and
timely one! "

There is more and more research now pointing to the "actual" Intelligence
that lies untapped in our hearts. The heart has a regulatory role on the
brain function and a cascading effect all the way to the cortex.

We don't have a choice--we are hard wired that way through the Autonomic
Nervous System.

I was just connecting with someone and said:

"The most striking insights that Joseph Campbell, the mythologist had,
from my perspective, was how he talks about us forgetting our childlike
spirit due to the "structures" we all have been influenced by over the

Using "heart intelligence" DOES transform and WILL break us out of the

I think that we eventually end up operating from our hearts, especially in
times that would stressful. Even in prisons some folks finally turn to
there hearts. I came from the high corporate arena - why was it difficult
for me then to use "heart intelligence"? (rhetorical).

I now know where I was stuck........in the head. I do believe that the
next level for all of us is the understanding and actualization of the
joint venture of the heart and the brain.

Take care,


"It is the level of sincerity from the heart that will
determine the speed of actualizing anything that is exceptional"
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