Performance Management LO22650 -Product Announcement
Wed, 15 Sep 1999 00:55:37 -0500

Some new or recent resources of possible interest.

Well, Back To Work and a New Product
Hope you all had a good summer. We are introducing a new
product line to help people carry out performance management and
the "dreaded" performance appraisal process. We'll be creating
several "helpcards", some for managers, and some for employees
to help them navigate among the appraisal landmines.

The first "helpcard" is now ready, and to thank you for your interest
in our work, you can view/dload it in adobe acrobat format OR view
it (in part) as a regular web page. The quick route is to go to:
>From there you can view the Performance Appraisal For Managers
helpcard. Even if you aren't a manager, you may want to read it,
and even buy a copy to give to your favorite boss!

If performance appraisal/management is an issue for you, be sure
to check out the rest of the
site, since there is information about our book and some free

Dealing With Difficult People Discussion List

Our newest discussion list has to do with the general topic of
difficult people and how to work with them, and deal with them
more effectively. It's a broad topic and whether you work with
difficult people and need help, or you ARE a difficult person, check

To subscribe, send an email to:

The Topbooks Site Update:

We continue to add new book summaries and material to our book
review/book purchasing site, in conjunction with The
idea is to save you time by pointing you at the best of breed books
in a number of categories. Books are summarized and included
because they are special or highly recommended or popular.

To get there surf over to:

You can view our summaries, access detailed book information,
and even purchase online via and save as much as
40% off the cover price.

The topic areas include:

Customer Service & Customer Satisfaction
Workplace Diversity and Multiculturalism
Consulting and Organization Development
Training Activities, Games for Trainers Sources
Motivating Staff
Human Resources - Hiring & Interviewing
Performance Management & Appraisal
Conflict & Negotiation
Teams & Team Building
Total Quality Management

That's it for now. I hope to have new things going in October, since I
will be presenting at a performance management conference in
Texas towards the end of this month. (you can still sign up - for
info, click on the banner on our page.

Robert Bacal, Performance management resources (books,lists,articles) at


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