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The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Westinghouse are making
TRANS-MEASURE, a transfer of training measurement and improvement tool,
available to U.S. businesses, educational institutions, government
agencies, non-profit organizations, and individual citizens at no-cost to
recipients through a federal sharing program. TRANS-MEASURE provides
organizations with the following information for their training courses:

+ Transfer of Training Rate -- the percentage of skills successfully
transferred from the learning setting to the job.
+ Prior Knowledge Rate -- the percentage of skills that trainees already
knew how to perform before taking the training.
+ "Didn't Stick" Rate -- the percentage of skills presented in a training
course that the trainee cannot perform six months after training.
+ Value-Added Rating -- the amount of skills critical to the success of the
organization learned during the training and performed frequently on the
TRANS-MEASURE is an steamlined, user-friendly offspring of the
Westinghouse-developed Transfer of Training Evaluation Model. This is a
complete, turnkey package that can be administered by nearly every type of
organization with no modification necessary. To obtain TRANS-MEASURE at no
cost, fill out an application at the DOE/Westinghouse technology transfer

After we process your application (usually in one working day or less), we
will send you an ID and password allowing you to download TRANS-MEASURE
directly from our website to your computer in your choice of word processing
formats. Then, you can use it for commercial, internal, or educational
purposes. Over 200,000 pages of other analysis tools, training courses, and
guides are available at no cost through the site.

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