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Wed, 15 Sep 1999 10:01:36 -0600

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Eli Camhi writes about two aspects of AIDS.

One is "care".

The sufferer needs many different kinds of care and concern. He or she
needs medicine, and the attention of the specialist in medicine. And
friendship, and consolation, and many gifts of attention that the medical
specialist can not provide. Thus, "care" needs the "team."

But Eli Camhi also writes about the need for a "vaccine."

In the development of this vaccine, some of those on the "care" team can
not contribute: indeed, they would slow the search.

Presumably those working on the vaccine are specialists. Some of us hope
they attend only to the mission of creating the vaccine, and are not
deflected into other matters by others with nonvaccine interests.

As Ecclesiastes reminds us, there is a time for teams and a time for

Isn't there another kind of blindness involved in not seeing the need for
specialists who singlemindedly pursue an important goal?

Steve Eskow

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