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Nick Heap (nickheap@tesco.net)
Wed, 15 Sep 1999 21:57:28 +0100

Dear new colleagues,

I have been interested for many years in using counselling skills to
remove people's emotional blocks to having their work and lives right.
Listening well and helping people express their feelings does work. People
become freer.

The same approaches should work to remove emotional blocks to learning.
Perhaps we could recover the enormous speed that infants learn if we did
it right. I have some personal experience that this can work.

Do you have any first hand experience of successfully helping people learn
more effectively by removing their emotional blocks? What did you do? What
worked? Why? Where might we find some good new ways to do this?

I am new to the network so I hope these are acceptable questions and not
"old hat".

Best wishes,

Nick Heap. nickheap@tesco.net

[Host's Note: Nick, questions about org learning are always just fine
here... There's always a new twist, or the question appears in a new
context that enriches. To find old msgs, use your favorite internet search
engine, mentioning the terms of interest and "learning-org". ..Rick]


"Nick Heap" <nickheap@tesco.net>

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