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Dear Organlearners and Leo Minnigh
(from <>)

I made a preoccupied error in my reply to your Subject:
Fast vs slow learning LO22593

Please forgive me.

I wrote about monocarpic, "olicarpic" and polycarpic plants. The words
monocarpic (or semelparous), i.e fruiting ("carpus") once ("mono") in
life and polycarpic (or iteroparous), i.e fruiting many ("poly") times in
life are botanical terminology often used, However, the word " "olicarpic"
" which should have been "oligocarpic" ("oligos"=few) was a creation of
mine to indicate a spectrum of possibilities between the one and the many
and not merely two types "mono-" and "poly-".

Please correct all "oli-" to "oligo-".

While writing, my thoughts often jumped to the essentiality "otherness"
and the issue of Personality Types. I was thinking that when we assume
only two fruiting classes (monocarpic and polycarpic), we fail to see the
role of time in the very fruiting itself. I was thinking that when we do
the same thing to personality, i.e assuming too few personality types, we
will also fail to see the role of time in personalising. In other words,
to little otherness and we fail to see how the arrow of time becomes a
full one-to-many-mapping.

Best wishes


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