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I wish to thank you for your contribution, which I enjoyed very much. You
have painted such a rich picture (many) of the subject (one), that I
hesitate to write starting with:

I think, you are dealing with the puzzling relation of protection and

I am very aware, that I have just picked two bones out of that picture.
And I am going to be even more outrageous. Instead of accompaning you on
an exploring walk with respect to protection, I leave your subject and
jump for a generalization. I hope to rectify this below.

Let's view protection as a way to look at sureness
(identity-categoricity). The form aspect sureness manifest as protection
under threat. If there is no sufficient protection, than sureness is
impaired. With your examples you have expanded on protection by means of
otherness (quality-variety) and found a diversity of manifestations of

I don't do this to annoy you, but to connect the puzzling relation between
sureness and openness to what I have developed with the terms
"interdisciplinarity" and "mastery" yesterday (a way to approach
wholeness) and see what will become of it.

What are possible devaluing exaggerations of sureness and openness? For
example: to what would sureness degenerate if not supplemented by
openness? and also: to what would openness degenerate if not supplemented
by sureness? I don't want to rush to find words answering these questions.
I think it requires very careful and thorough study. So I will use a kind
of formula. For the first example, the degeneration is
Impaired sureness by means of impaired openness. ISIO
And for the second example:
Impaired openness by means of impaired sureness. IOIS

The two levels for this example become:

Sureness - Openness
/ \

Guess which level is really protecting and which one is vulnerable? Where
is peace and where is constant fighting? How easy is it to fall onto the
lower level, and how difficult is it to reach the upper level -
harmonizing seeming opposites. How pale these words are! Not "harmonizing
seeming opposites" - Love the enemy! That is what is required. ISIO, for
whom sureness is above all and for whom IOIS represents the big threat to
fight against, this ISIO has to find and recognise the value openness in
his e nemy IOIS. To love this enemy is the only way to really aquire the
core of himself: beloved and seemingly so threated sureness. Isn't it
easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle?

You may have noticed, that I have worked with most of the essentialities
of creativity. In fact I think that they all work together as protection
(the upper level). Real protection requires all the camels to go through
all the eyes of the needles. Did you ever notice, that camel and eye of a
needle are two sides of the same coin?

I have expanded protection to sureness in the beginning, then I have tried
to discribe a possible way to think the essentialities together, and now I
have reached a much expanded, complexified term for protection: View all
seven essentialities as one mean to protect against immergence.

>As soon as you open yourself to let the love
>flow run out of you, you become a weak creature, pray for the arrows.
>How to protect oneself against this? I think I found part of the answer.
>Your own produced flow, escaping towards the outside world could only
>be maintained of it is permanently feeded. Your free energy must be kept
>on a certain level. A healthy live is one answer. But how to feed the
>thoughts? Game playing, art expression, dialoguing, etc.? The sustainers
>of creativity. Are these enough?

Here you are entering the content part: Force-flux pair, free energy. And
yes, the content need to be protected by form in order to emerge into a
higher order/complexity of form, where an even stronger flow of content
can swell. Coevolution of form and content.

You talk of the flow of love. I don't see love flowing. I see love
pulling, pulling through that coevolution. You can reach love only with
the strongest harness, protection, devolped on the path while constantly
free energy is flowing irreversibly - producing entropy, creating order
and growing this order to maturity. On this adventurous walk of life,
protection is no more sureness under attack, puzzlingly opposed to
seemingly also necessary openness. Openness becomes an essential part of
that harness, and there is no protection without openness.

Liebe Gruesse,



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