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Sun, 19 Sep 1999 11:55:13 +1200

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Dear Winfried

The concept of creativity is a very interesting one and actually everyone
is creative, creativity is one of the forces that permeates all people.
Some people choose to value creativity more that others and maybe use
their creative talents more, others value other things or needs so use it
less. The connection between creativity and personality is not a
worthwhile thing to look at because, everyone uses their creativity to a
greater or lesser degree, further nobody to my knowledge has defined
personality, and if some has there is no universal agreement to what is
personality. With my IVA instrument I measure the value of expression
which includes freedom, autonomy and creativity, most people who score on
this value are artists, musicians, people who don't like being restricted,
writers, freedom fighters, people who like to be free etc, etc. I make no
reference to personality because we have so many roles in our lives and
each we might have different values, different responses. I calculated
over 60 000 million million different value/ response combinations and
that was only in the work context. Makes one think about the personality
concept with a little concern. Problem solving is also a creative act, to
get to a goal there are known paths and unknown paths, traversing the
unknown path is an act of creativity. So it is better to find out a
persons logical or problem solving abilities in the the work context
rather than personality ( whatever that may be).



Gavin Ritz <>

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