Simulation/Gaming Exchange LO22712

David Crookall-Zhou, (
Thu, 23 Sep 1999 07:56:49 +0800

Please register your web site with SGX.

SGX (Simulation/Gaming Exchange) is a clearing house for web resources
related to simulation/gaming. It is a kind of specialised search engine
for simulation/gaming. This is an excellent starting point for teachers
and trainers wishing to find experience-based activities and materials
(such as games and simulations).

One of its main features is that the entries are
provided by people like yourself. If you would more
visitors to your own web site, then please register it
with SGX. The URL is

Best wishes. The SGX development team
David CROOKALL, WONG Pei Yuen, YEO Gee Kin,,


"David Crookall-Zhou," <>

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