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Vana Prewitt (vana@praxislearning.org)
Thu, 23 Sep 1999 08:48:35 -0400

Replying to LO22687 --

Glen's post made me cry with its simple truth and beauty. What a gift he
gave to us all.

It is stories such as his that remind me why I thrive on being an adult
educator. It isn't enough to speak the words. It isn't enough to
entertain the audience. I get psyched on connecting with the learners and
finding what I think of as that light which has been covered up by
whatever past experiences tried to put it out. Often, like Glen's light,
it is still there, dimly waiting for someone to take a peek under the
corner. I'm sure that the person who believed in him also has a passion
for learning and for seeing that passion sparked in others.

What a thrill it must be for that person to know that you accomplished so
much with that little vote of confidence and faith.

kind regards,

Vana Prewitt
Praxis Learning Systems
Chapel Hill, NC



Vana Prewitt <vana@praxislearning.org>

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