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Winfried Dressler (winfried.dressler@voith.de)
Fri, 24 Sep 1999 16:27:21 +0200

Replying to LO22708 --

Dear At,

> "Please be easy on me ... I'm not a specialist .. just
> a jack of all trades wanting to to care more for people".

I haven't observed yet, that you operate with needles (;-)). If you mean
by specialist: "The structure of all the processes are represented in the
neuronal structure of the brain." (brain-knowledge) and by jack of all
trades: "There is some place in my body which is quite good in specific
responses to entropic forces." (body knowledge) you are right. I
personally would have interchanged the two: A jack of all trades wants to
know everything with his brain while the specialist keeps the specialities
to the masters of those specific disciplines, whereever they are in the

>Dan, I hope you now understand that it that your apology is not really
>necessary. Specialist scientists may also fail to see the whole picture
>because of their very specialisation.

Another needle, At? The word "specialist" is dangerously vague, as we saw
in the discussion on interdisciplinarity. A specialist can be the outcome
of constructive or destructive creativity. The word alone doesn't tell.
That's why I suggested to distinguish "Fachidiot" from "master of a
discipline". The Fachidiot fails to see the whole picture, because he
simply doesn't care, because of his narrow mindedness or because he takes
his view for the whole. The master knows about his restrictions, has
preserved curiosity and cares to contribute to enriching the picture
(knowing that the whole picture is not available to any human ;-)).

>For example pressure is an
>intensive quantity and thus we ought to visualise even "pressosynthesis".
>Where will such "pressosynthesis" happen?

In addition to feet-intelligence: What happens in the ear when passing
sound waves? The more I think about it the more prevalent seems
"pressosynthesis" to be: blood pressure changing rhythmically (Onsager
relation between electrosynthesis and pressosynthesis?); memory of muscles
in general (tonus) - have you ever heard about kinesiology or osteopathy?
Seems to be ways of releasing muscle-intelligence.

>If anyone want me to tell something about "magnetosynthesis", just make
>a call for it.

First, my eyes come to mind. Doesn't the ability to see include processes
of "electromagnetosynthesis"?

Second, I think of my daughter Luisa, 3 years old. She used to sleep in a
baby bed and just got a childs bed a few weeks ago. The direction of the
new bed is at right angles compared to the baby bed. Whenever I look after
her before I go to bed, the lies across the bed, in the direction she used
to sleep in her old bed. So there seems to be a directional preference.
Could this be a sign of "magnetosythesis" of some "sleep well" compounds?

Liebe Gruesse,



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