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Hi Steve

I don't think the educational system has "failed"- what we have is system
of mixed messages starting at preschool forward. it is this schizophrenia
that confronts us today. Should schools take on every problem of society
from sex and drugs to training for the corporate world- what, today, is
the difference between a vocational school and a college. What is a
"professional degree" or one of liberal studies- do we want to admit that
we have a classed society and is it the responsibility of the schools to
levelize this problem?

Vonnegut wrote a novel called harrison bergeron which talks about a
society which handicaps the gifted and talented. How do we deal with a
world which wants on one hand to admit to talented persons and encourage
such gifts while on the other hand doesn't know how to deal with those not
gifted without admitting to these possibilities without getting into
political and social issues?

The problem, it seems, is that public and many private education systems
are caught in an intellectual bind which is destabilizing due in part to
failures of the external system which has shoved these towards education.
And the professors on their podiums don't know how to admit that they too
have no answers.


tom abeles


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