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Tue, 28 Sep 1999 17:31:27 -0400

You're invited to attend "The Electric Maze, Action Learning Advanced
Facilitator Training Workshop" -- a unique three-day opportunity to
enhance your skills while working with the inventor of The Electric Maze
and experiencing the latest hardware and LearnWare developments -- at
Punderson State Park near Cleveland, Ohio, November 15-17, 1999

Join with Boyd Watkins, the inventor of The Electric Maze and Sentinel,
and CornerStone Consulting Associates, leading developers of Action
Learning simulations, in this unique experiential workshop. Enhance your
coaching and design skills through the benefit of our combined experience.

- Learn to simulate real organizational dynamics.
- Learn to create and debrief safe practice fields.
- Benefit from the latest product releases and applications.

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or call 1-800-773-8017 or 1-330-725-2728

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A Unique Three-Day Opportunity...

Join CornerStone Consulting Associates, leading developers of LearnWare
and Action Learning applications, and Boyd Watkins, the inventor of The
Electric Maze, in this special Advanced Facilitator Training Workshop.

Whether you currently own one or are planning to buy, you'll learn how to
design new programs around The Electric Maze and Sentinel as well as how
to integrate them into your existing programs.

- Experience Action Learning at it's best -- engage your whole being in the
learning process -- intellect, body and human spirit.
- Learn to create both Challenge Arenas and Safe Practice Fields, and to
know when each is most appropriate.
- Facilitate the latest EM3 & LearnWare applications, bringing new depth to
the simulation of organizational dynamics.
- First, experience the simulations as a participant. Then, design new
scenarios and enhance your coaching and debriefing skills.
- Learn the underlying fundamentals of Action Learning, integrating the
concepts of Stewardship and The Learning Organization into your designs.
- Make the most of your investment -- keeping The Electric Maze and
Sentinel fresh with challenging new scenarios.
- Share lessons-learned and new techniques with peers.
- Experience The Sentinel -- the new 3-D Maze that realistically recreates
the full range of human group dynamics.

Workshop Content

- Physical Handling Of The Electric Maze.
- Preparing The Room And The Learning Environment.
- Designing And Selecting Patterns That Simulate Specific Organizational
Issues And Concerns.
- Matching Patterns To Participant Background & Skill Level.
- Creating Realistic Instructions And Facilitation Boundaries.
- Taking Teams Deeper With New Scenarios.
- Tailoring Sessions To Participant Needs And Terminology.
- Facilitator Preparation And Grounding.
- Focussing On Participant Insights, Not On The Hardware.
- Designing The Debrief To Provide Context And Linkage To Real Work Issues.
- Tying Maze Sessions To Leadership, Systems Thinking, Organizational
Change, And Team Building.
- Generating Lively, Constructive Debriefing Conversations.
- Skillful Handling Of Participant Questions And Comments.

To Register:

- Call 1-800-773-8017 or 1-330-725-2728
- Tuition $850 (Non-profit rates available. Partial scholarships available.)

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