Interdisciplinearity LO22761
Tue, 28 Sep 1999 23:51:09 EDT

Replying to LO22749 --

To Tom, Steve, John, and all the others who have made such wonderful
contributions to the discussion on interdisciplinarity:

I now know a new kind of hell -- being overwhelmed with such
thought-provoking e-mails and NOT HAVING ANY TIME TO PARTICIPATE!!!!!!!!
I am hoarding all your comments in the hopes that I can hide out from a
committee meeting (or four) and read them all -- and pass them along to my
interdisciplinary colleagues. Harriett.

[Host's Note: To Harriet and others in the same predicament -- Save the
msgs and let your thoughts simmer... It's perfectly OK to pick up the
thread at some point in the future. ..Rick]


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