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Leo Minnigh (l.d.minnigh@library.tudelft.nl)
Mon, 4 Oct 1999 11:07:24 +0200 (MET DST)

Replying to LO22774 (was Protection)

Dear LO'ers,

What is love?

A question of so many songs, books and other forms of art. THE question of
live. Love of live - live of love.
In contribution LO22774 I wrote:

>The difficulty of our languages is that there is only one word 'love'
that refers to:
>a) the difference in potential between SYstem and SUrrounding
>b) the 'material' which flows from SYstem to SUrroundings.
>c) the process of flowing from SYstem to SUrroundings

In other words, is love:
a) a condition, a prerequisite, so that
b) a fluidum composed of love could flow, or is it
c) the dynamics of very flow itself

And there is even a fourth possibility:
d) love is the 'something which is transported by the catalyst, the
carrier, or transporter as mentioned in b).

I hesitate to put all these possibilities forward, because we may dive in
a similar discussion on definitions as is so common with "creativity".
But dear readers, do you see already the commonness between these two? If
we follow At de Lange's theory, creativity is the first order emergency,
and love the second order (and agape is the third one). So according to
At, 'love' is an emergency after the emergency of creativity.

According to my state of understanding, emergencies are DYNAMIC
CONDITIONS, a state which is sustained by an input of energy. This input
should be above a critical level. This critical level could only be
reached if all 7 essentialities are present and oriented and balanced
towards the same direction. The dynamic condition is thus the combination
of a state of being (System) where the input of energy from the
SUrroundings is less than the release of free energy of the System. This
dynamic condition is an organization in dynamical equilibrium, an island
in its surroundings (universe). The island as a black hole of less
entropy, in a universe with ever increasing entropy. The island of a LO in
a world of chaos. If love is a dynamic condition, an emergency, as
hurricane Floyd (releasing those enormous quantities of free energy),
which of the four above mentioned possibilities support this type of
definition? a) love as the critical temperature difference between ocean
water and atmosphere, and the Coriolis force b) love as the air, the wind
c) love as the whirling d) love as the material (water/rain, dust, leaves,
wood, etc) that is caught and carried by the wind.

Or in still other words, is LOVE the prerequisite for a Learning
Organization, or is LOVE A, or THE Learning Organization.

At, and others could you add some of your thoughts to mine, so that our
love to this subject is feeded by your energy so it could stay swirling as
a living emergency?

If my understanding of the phenomenon of love has reached its bifurcation,
I may think of agape. It is for me still too early to think of that.

dr. Leo D. Minnigh
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Let your thoughts meander towards a sea of ideas.


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