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Dear Vana,

Do we not need 'BOTH/AND' here? Are there not situations in which linear
thinking is required and other situations in which global thinking is
required... or most suitable? Frankly, ANY thinking is better than none!
We see enough of the none variety around.

I think the best is to be able to understand when you need to use which
type AND to be able to use both.

Best Regards,

Tricia Lustig
LASA Development UK Ltd.

Vana Prewitt wrote:

> The differentiation I make as an educator between linear and global
> thinking can be best described with examples. The linear thinker moves
> one mental step at a time down the path of logic, consuming and digesting
> each piece of information before moving to the next. The global thinker
> (also known as branching logic) pursues multiple paths of information
> gathering and processing simultaneously, bringing all relevant parts
> together at the end.
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