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Dear Organlearners,

Don Dwiggins < > writes:

>Here's a message I saw on another mailing list, that I thought
>presents an interesting model. It reminds me somewhat of At's
>complementary duals and force-flux pairs.

Greetings Dwig,

[Diagram and example snipped]

It is indeed the case. An interpretive way to think of "entropic force"
and "entropic flux" is to think of them respectively as "creative tension"
and a "creative flow". Both have to operate in order to produce entropy.

The new entropy have to be manifested, first allways as chaos and then
provisionally as order. The complete manifestation results in a change of
organisation. In the diagrams which you kindly copied for us, the upper
parts refer to the production of entropy while the bottom parts refer to
the manifestation of the entropy produced.

Obviously, these diagrams and the accompanying text does not say a single
word about "entropy production" and closely related concepts like entropic
force-flux pairs, manifestation, chaos and order. But, like Pasteur once
noted after making his own most profound discovery, novel discoveries come
only to those who have prepared their minds sufficiently.

I find it most interesting that you, solid into computer programming, are
"reading a german book on psychology". What (seemingly) chaos do we have
here? What entropic force-flux pair(s) are responsible for acting so way
out of your main discipline?

By the way, I wish more software creators would study psychology. It
would make live for programmers much more bearable. Why? One main task of
the programmer is to supply an interface between the computer (which
organises physically) and the human (which organises also spiritually).
The good interface is one in which the tension between the computer and
human is as small as possible. The human can then focus his/her free
energy on something else than managing the computer itself. Ignorance to
well know psychological patterns leads to tension between the actual human
and what the progammer ignorantly thought the human to be.

Best wishes


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