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Walter Derzko (wderzko@pathcom.com)
Sat, 9 Oct 1999 10:37:31 -0700

Dear Listmembers

Recently I've seen a flurry of some interesting new KM-related new product

What new KM products/software or service firms have popped up on your
radar screens lately? Canadian ? or US? or International firms that are
ready for commercialization?

Some that I like that all fill a real gap include:

-British Telecom (UK) (http://www.bt.com) has several agent based products
such as Jasper..an expert-finder intelligent agent ..as well as a
summarization agent (about 2 years old)

-Personification Inc (Toronto), (http://www.personification.com) a new
audio and visual cue search engine that clusters a search into topic areas
first.(new in beta)

-Inforocket (USA) (http://www.inforocket.com) infobroker auction site,
which matches info seeker and info-provider, taking a cut of each
transaction. ( web site launches in the fall 99)

-ThirdVoice.com (USA), which (non-destructively) lets you plaster "sticky
notes" over any page on the Web -- any other ThirdVoice-equipped user can
then read your comments (http://www.thirdvoice.com/). Thus, communities
of discussion are born around any Web page. (since May 99)

-Hypernix's "Gooey" software (USA)
(http://www.hypernix.com/cmp/about.html), enables you to see a chat-like
window which shows you every other Gooey user who is also surfing that Web
page at that moment -- a very real, if perhaps fleeting, "community."
(new 1999)

-Cartia (USA) (http://www.cartia.com) which creates visual landscape maps
out of databases, newsfeeds etc ( about 2 years old)

Who would you nominate? (please provide name/description/web/contact
info?/how old?)


Walter Derzko
(416) 588-1122


"Walter Derzko" <wderzko@pathcom.com>

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