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Mon, 11 Oct 1999 19:39:11 EDT

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On the subject of Love
AT wrote....

>An explanation address our knowledge. If love is not and explanation of
>itself, is it not child, flower and painting of knowledge?

>On the other hand, does love not manifest in words and deeds. If no
>explanation is possible other than these words and deeds, are they not the
>very explanation of love by itself?

My intent was to get beyond words for love. We have tainted love with our
notions of a feeling... around the romantic. But let me try to use

To me, love is the unfolding of the infinite self in it's drive to become
wholeness. It is the will to increase itself... to complete the field of

For to love is to see clearly for the first time... and to really see is
to die to the self concept. For in the death of the ego and our
separateness is true freedom, peace and joy. But paradoxically, this
state is also unselfconscious... one hand knows not what the other is
doing... the tree gives it's shade to the good and bad alike.

As you see.. I am having problems with the words... It would take volumes
to convey the non thought... since love comes not from the external world.

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