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Wed, 13 Oct 1999 20:46:56 PDT

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yes i agree with you here Roy.

Learning is so often interchangeably (and wrongly i might add) confused
with information. However, in my opinion learning is that part of
knowledge that is intangible and yet embedded in a person after the
tangible part of knowledge or information or data has been realised int he
person's life through experience or practice.

my personal definition of knowledge is two part - intangible that i liek
to call a reservoir as it were of tools, that is, information and data in
its crude form; and the other part the intangible, that which becomes
embedded in our internal systems as it were, and i call it learning. i
call it so because that intangible knowledge even though 'ours' and held
within, is never complete and always open to growth through more
experience and incoming information and action, and also can be shared
through team experiences or even forums like these. and that is nothing
but learning.... for me all is fluid .. and the greatest hinderance to
learning and knowledge creation has been our need to 'own'. this very
ownership instinct leads us to supress the real potentials of knowledge,
by hindering the tangible part by only trying to embibe what ones own
intellect can and not sharing or believing in combining of information
pools.....or by hindering the intangible part by thinking its our own and
only our intellectual property, rather than treating it like a matirx
jelly where all can walk into the jelly and embibe (like thru osmosis)
what they can and move in and out of this jelly whenever they want.The
individuality clause puts passwords and brick walls around this jelly pool
and thus make a wonderful experience as learning into a rat race, a
business deal.

ok so i am babling now. sorry! :)

what i guess i was trying to say was that books are part of learning, and
yet just having read a book doesn't mean you have learnt all that there
was in it just because you know what was on page 35 word for word!

and from my personal experience, whatever i learn - because i think at a
very broad level, all ties in to the philosophies of life and existence
and principles of the universe and the atom...all in one. the same things
are said over and over again just in different jargon and in different
codes specific to that field, and yet all say the same things.

anyhow going offtrack here again. best quit now before i let ya see my
jelly was bought at a cheap supermarket ;)

joy vatsyayann
Masters Student
Waikato University
Hamilton, New Zealand
p.s. forgive my strength in voice most words, i usually tremble when i write
because most in this forum are learned folk and much senior to me! But i am
hoping in the millenium when i trun 25 (finally!!!) haaha i can speak and
not feel like im a young twirp saying silly stuff :)



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