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Dick Copeland (padre@texas.net)
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 18:05:50 -0500

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At 12:03 AM 10/14/1999 EDT, you wrote:

>I move in and out of daydreaming so frequently.
>I wonder if it's a good thing to be wandering about so much inside one's
>head.............. Harriett.

Harriett, change your language just slightly and you can reframe the whole
phenomenon. How about "it's a good thing to be wondering about inside
one's mind." I think there's a fine line between the "fog" state and the
state where your mind is constantly exploring the "impossible." For me a
simple diagnostic test is: does 'blank' [and for this evaluation I would
insert 'daydreaming'] hinder my performance, or am I more creative as a

I realize this is rather simplistic for the level this list functions on,
but sometime simple learning experiences are as much an "aha" as the
complex ones.

Dick Copeland
San Antonio, Texas


Dick Copeland <padre@texas.net>

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