Difference between Teams and Committees? LO22897

Helen Dorothea Mennitz (hmennitz@tassie.net.au)
Sun, 17 Oct 1999 22:50:24 +1100

Replying to LO22888 --

Luis J. Colorado wrote:
> How comes that a group of people with a common goal may become a team, or
> on the other hand, a committee? Maybe because they don't have a shared
> vision, but different and conflicting agendas. The question then could
> be... how can we build teams that don't become committees? How can we
> transform committees in teams?
> "Luis J. Colorado" <luiscolorado@home.net>


This could be likened to the age old question "which come first the
chicken or he egg?".

Teams to me conjure a vision of a group of people enjoying a mutual
interest or activity. A committee on the other hand is a group of people
striving to attain an outcome that after compromise will be acceptable to
the majority.

One could therefore say that if you have a committee that is unanimous in
decisions made and goals strived for it is working as a team.



Helen Dorothea Mennitz <hmennitz@tassie.net.au>

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