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Max Schupbach (max@max-jytte.com)
Sun, 17 Oct 1999 23:10:21 -0700

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Dear Harriett and others,

daydreaming, in my vocabulary, is not necessarily going blank, going on a
mental vacation only, taking time to solve problems leisurely, so all of
these can be part of it. It means getting the conscious mind out of gear,
and allowing our perception to focus on things that we usually repress or
marginalize. As such, it is a practice that needs to be developed. Similar
to meditation, it refreshed the mind and heart, allows you to realize that
life is unpredictable and spectacular, and gives you a deep sense of
connections of all things.

much love

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> I wonder if it's a good thing to be wandering about so much inside one's
> head.............. Harriett.


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