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Mon, 18 Oct 1999 13:49:50 -0400

I realize that, today, all organizations are facing some major change --
be it deregulation, industry consolidation, a merger or acquisition, ERP
implementation, or innovative organizational growth. With this in mind, I
am developing Linkage's Change 2000 conference & expo.

I am currently in the research phase for this event and I NEED YOUR HELP to
determine the current forces of change, the implications that these major
changes have on an organization's success, and the critical components for
effective change management. Please complete a brief on-line survey located
at: I appreciate any
input, regarding both organizational transformation and corporate culture,
that you have to offer. In exchange for your participation, I would like to
offer you a *$100 discount* on your Change 2000 registration.

I realize that ALL functions within an organization are experiencing
transformation so please **forward this message** to your colleagues and
clients - so that we can address all of the Change and Corporate Culture
challenges being faced by various functions.

I look forward to your input and hope to see you in San Francisco in May.
Thank you for your assistance!

For further details on this exclusive learning opportunity, visit the Change
2000 web site at: and
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Mark your calendar for CHANGE 2000: May 14-17, 2000, in San Francisco, CA.
A special one-day Corporate Culture forum will take place May 17.

Change 2000 is designed to provide cross-functional "change agents" from all
industries with the skills, tools and models necessary to innovate on,
implement and sustain successful transformation initiatives.

Confirmed Change 2000 Advisory Board members include Noel Tichy, Daryl
Conner, Warner Burke, William Bridges, Carol Kinsey Goman, and Christopher
G. Worley.

If you are interested in:
** Speaking... please download the RFP, which can be found at
** Sponsoring/exhibiting... contact Terri Caldwell at 781-402-5559 or
** Registering or receiving further details on attending... please call the
Change 2000 registrar at 781-862-3157 or visit the CHANGE 2000 conference
website at

Stephanie Levin
Conference Program Manager
Linkage, Inc.
(781) 402-5481 (P)
(781) 862-2355 (F)


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