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Tricia Lustig (Tricia@lasa.demon.co.uk)
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 09:38:09 +0100

Replying to LO22893 --

Dear Harriet, Doc and others,

I've really enjoyed this thread. I find it hard to define what I do, or
how the day dreaming works for me. But, like Harriet, I think it is
constant. In background mode, operating away there. Sometimes, I
actively direct it, sometimes it just runs and surprises me with an aha!
when I'm not looking... or paying attention anyway. It is definitely part
of my creativity.

And, I too, was chastised as a child for 'day dreaming' (but perhaps I was
just bored with whatever was going on in school..). It just made me
better at hiding it from authority.

If we look at any of the thinking we do, day dreaming has to be part of
the 'tacit' knowledge, the 'how-to' of creating and thinking. Which most
of us do unconsciously. Making it conscious means we might be able to
improve upon it.

Thank you for the interesting thoughts to day dream on ;-)

Tricia Lustig
LASA Development UK Ltd.

Richard Charles Holloway wrote:

> your question intrigued me. The term, "daydreaming," seems to carry
> negative connotations to me.


Tricia Lustig <Tricia@lasa.demon.co.uk>

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