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Dear Org Learners

Some Basic systems theory practice, what Ackoff says that we can learn and
upskill all we like but it can reduce efficiency and effectiveness if the
organisation parts are treated separately, they most often work against
each other-isn't this what Senge says with his archetypal systems types
(almost 95% of companies I know do this with performance management and
most training programs and most upskill stuff. In fact I do not know of
one company that defines clearly its lateral and horizontal role
relationships, the source of most "so called personality clashes"). He
comments that what creates top class performance is the products of the
interactions and not the sum of the parts, pretty obvious really. He says
manage the interactions within and outside the organisation, he also has a
learning model in his new book. He also calls the LEArning ORganisations a
panacea and a fad (I not saying I am agreeing but I'm always listening),
interesting comment, he also calls EVA a fad, that should ruffle a few
feathers too. This book is a MUST read for org learners.


Gavin Ritz wrote:

> I have just finished Russell Ackoff's Recreating the Corporation and
> Elliott Jaques on Leadership, some interesting comments that could ruffle
> a few feathers with us org learners.
> Kindest
> Gavin
> I got some good value using Ackoff's interactions ideas with a new client.
> [Host's Note: Gavin! Please don't leave us in suspense! We LIKE to have
> our feathers ruffled! ...Rick


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