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Roy Greenhalgh wrote:

> Thank you for an excellent exposition of how ideas get distorted, and how
> we use the distortion without checking it out. There is much in your
> posting I agree with.
> However, re the following quotation:-
> >Michael Polanyi's concept of tacit knowledge. Polanyi used the term to
> >refer to the things we know that we can't articulate (e.g., how we
> >recognize a particular person's face). By definition, then, tacit
> >knowledge is knowledge that can't be articulated. Yet, I regularly see
> >tacit knowledge defined simply as "knowledge that is in people's
> >heads."
> >That is dead wrong.
> Then where is it?

Knowledge is also stored in the body. The "mind" doesn't stop with the
brain in your head. As a matter of fact, there is a lot of evidence that
suggests that we have a "second" brain called the enteric nervous system
that is located near/around our stomachs. It has all the chemicals,
nerves, etc. that our "head" brain has, and it is believed to be the
predecessor of our "head" brain. For more, you can read "The Second
Brain" by Gershon.


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