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Dear At,

I am confused by your use of "Entropy" in relation to creativity. I
remember entropy being a measure of disorder that entropy always
increases, except when energy is input. The end of the universe would be
situation of maximum entropy where everything had the same temperature and
there would be no more change. Life is anti-entropic. Through the energy
of sunlight or geothermal energy complicated things developed from simple
things. Therefore order increases. This is surely a creative process
associated with a decrease of entropy.

Are you using the word in a different sense? Can you help?

Best wishes,


>It is in
>the very nature of the Law of Entropy Production (LEP) that the "flow B"
>happens because of a "force B". It is pairs like "force-flow B" which
>produce entropy. It is entropy production which drives all changes in
>reality. Entropy is never produced by forces alone or flows alone. This an
>entropic force alone or an entropic flow alone cannot ever drive any


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