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I have been following this thread with great interest, naturally, being a
community college instructor and administrator. My dissertation was on
community colleges as learning organizations. I do think that educational
environments share many of the same problems that plague corporate ones,
but I also think that universities (or any institutions of higher
education) have many characteristics that set them apart. That there are
troubled universities is not surprising; we are in the midst of another
cycle of change -- revolution, if you will -- in higher ed, and change is
always troublesome for organizations that have changed relatively little
in hundreds of years. It is also difficult for educators, professionals
who operate within bureaucracies -- there is a tension between those two
characteristics, and not always a healthy tension.

Some books that talk about the culture of higher ed that I have found
informative are:

William H. Bergquist. (1992) The Four Cultures of the Academy. San
Francisco: Jossey-Bass

Corwin, R. G. (1969). "Professional Persons in Public Organizations." In F.
D. Carver & T. J. Sergiovanni (eds). Organizations and Human Behavior. (pp.
212-227) New York: McGraw Hill.

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and Universities (6 ed.) Madison, WI: Magna Publications.

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Rituals of Corporate Live. Rading, MA: Addison-Wesley.

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American Colleges and Universities. Washington, D.C.: George Washington

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McGraw Hill.

Peterson, MW., Dill, D. Mets, L. & associates. (1997) Planning and
Management for a Changing Environment: A Handbook on Redesigning
Postsecondary Institutions. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Scileppi, J. A. (1988) A Systems View of Education: A Model for Change
(rev. ed.) Lanhanm, MD: University Press of America

Rowley, D.J., Lujan, H. D., & Dolence, M. G. (1997) Strategic change in
colleges and universities: Planning to Survive and Prosper. San Francisco:

O'Banion, Terry. (1997) A Learning College for the 21st Century. Phoenix:
Oryx Press.


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Thanks, Harriet, for the reference list!


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