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AM de Lange (amdelange@gold.up.ac.za)
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 14:13:30 +0200

Replying to LO23002 --

Dear Organlearners,

Winfried Dressler <winfried.dressler@VOITH.DE> writes:

>Nick Heap started his questioning of At de Lange with:
>>I am confused by your use of "Entropy" in relation to
>Nick, I cannot tell how much I enjoyed your mail. For me
>it is like looking back two years ago, when I expressed
>similar confusion on the list.

Greetings Winfried,

I cannot tell how much I enjoyed your own response. For me it is like
looking back thirty two tears ago. But in those times there was no email
and an IBM computer occupied a whole floor of a building. And the pressure
of boycotts and isolation was beginning to press South Africans into

>Yet, I don't want to wait to see how At, whom you asked,
>respond to you. I want to do something on my own. So let
>me challenge what you said you remember:

I am very grateful to you, especially sending a copy of your reply in
adance to me. I was buzy replying to Nick, read your copy, deleted mine to
him and started all over because you did much what I intended to do.

> It is funny (a slapstick) to imagine that people try to shovel
>out entropy faster than it is produced. They surely need a
>high input of energy to accomplish this! Reminds me of
>parents trying to tidy up their childrens rooms.

Beautiful metaphor.

To reduce entropy production with entropy production is the worst thing
possible to do. Its like to prevent a war by beginning a war. Its like to
prevent over-population by promoting free sex.

>> Are you using the word in a different sense? Can you help?
>I think, At is using the word in a broader (higher degree of order)
>sense. And I too am looking forward to his reply.

Winfried, I gave Nick a task. If he completes this task, he will
automatically sense among the interpretations of entropy great chaos and
not that entropy has to be interpreted as chaos. Hopefully, with the love
which he radiates giving me that hope, he will sense also the second
manifestation of entropy. This does not happen automatically, just as love
does not emerge automatically. Love is not an automan (robot) which we can
shunt around as we wish.

Best wishes


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