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Hancy, William (WHancy@oao.com)
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 11:30:06 -0400

Replying to LO23014

Perhaps the issue is not the creation of creativity but the removal of
impediments to its use. I used to ask clients if it was OK for their
employees to make the company a million dollars through creative efforts.
Everyone always said "yes, of course we would like our employees to do
that." Then I asked them if it was OK for the employee to make decisions
about a hundred thousand dollar investment that would make that million
and the answer was always no. The limiting factor here was the confidence
of management, not the creativity of the employees. If the system does
not support creative output then individual pockets of creativity among
employees are a moot issue."

I've often thought of similar instances when dealing with children. We
all want our children to succeed; however, if we are unwilling to give
them the initial tools or opportunities, how likely are they to succeed?

Bill Hancy


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