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On 27 Oct 99, at 1:48, wrote:

> Actually, this is not an expectation imposed by accreditation, considered
> an external force. Rather, it is an expectation imposed from within --
> the faculty -- via their statewide organization.

It could still be an accrediation issue. Or something else. What evidence
do you have our could you get to determine what underlies the decision's

I ask because it's always useful to understand the 'other side'..sometimes
we can find good reasons, and if they are poor reasons then at least we
know better how to fight those decision.

> I don't object to the
> concept of higher standards, per se. What I object to is the assumptions
> that are being made about the "standard." I

What do you believe they are assuming?

> don't think they've been well
> thought out. Maybe what I'm really objecting to is what I perceive to be a
> lack of critical thinking or at least sloppy thinking -- this time, on a
> statewide level. Harriett. --

Well, it wouldn't be the first time. I happen to be a person who believes
that different delivery systems give different results in and of
themselves. I also happen to believe that technology based mediums are
going to be found problematic in the future (it's two early to draw

Nothing could replace the kinds of interactions that went on in my
university careers. Nothing. I was lucky to have some fabulous faculty. If
it weren't for their support, help encouragement and pushing I would be
completely different. More so at grad school. Much more was learned in the
bar then in the class, but the class was good too - demanding,
difficult,but pulled together by great profs.

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