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Change at Journal of Management

Journal of Management is undergoing change and innovation. As the
incoming editor, I am instituting a number of innovations that will build
on previous strengths while creating new opportunities. The Journal of
Management was recently ranked seventh in core impact for management
studies in Strategic Management Journal (Tahai & Meyer, 1999). The
following initiatives were designed to increase its impact even further:

* Increasing the exposure of the journal through Website development

The journal has a new website. Please visit it at The
website has many great features, but the most exciting feature is the
search facility. The title, author, and abstracts of the last ten years
of the Journal of Management can be searched by topic or author.

* Expanding the type of articles of interest to the journal to include
theoretical, empirical, and research methods or statistical papers
(quantitative and qualitative) on macro or micro issues

Authors are encouraged to submit theoretical and empirical pieces that
target macro and micro level issues or bridge multiple levels of analysis.
Topic coverage has been expanded to include papers devoted to research
methods and statistics. Such papers may emphasize either quantitative or
qualitative techniques.

* Adding a Senior Associate Editor to manage the macro submissions

Rhonda Reger from the University of Maryland was appointed as the Senior
Associate Editor. Her mission is to increase the Journal of Management?s
coverage of macro level topics. As a respected scholar in the macro area,
Rhonda is in a perfect position to fulfill this role.

* Continuing rapid turnaround times for reviews by moving toward
electronic reviewing and submission

Rhonda and I are making a strong push to maintain the rapid turnaround
time for reviews. Journal of Management has enjoyed a very rapid response
time when compared to many other journals. The current average is about 45
days. Several technological enhancements (e.g., e-mailed responses) will
help to maintain fast editorial response times even though the time
reviewers are being given to develop their review has been extended to six
weeks. Even though this modification will require a little more effort on
the part of authors as we are requesting that an electronic version of the
paper be submitted on disk when the paper is submitted, we feel a rapid
response will make the effort worthwhile.

* Automating the flow of manuscripts

Pam Carter has been hired as the editorial assistant for the Journal of
Management. Besides her excellent organizational skills, Pam has a great
deal of experience with database design and management. Pam designed a
database for the Journal of Management that tracks, processes, and manages
the flow of manuscripts. Her efforts also will be instrumental in
maintaining the rapid turnaround Journal of Management submitters have
come to enjoy.

* Creating a strong editorial board and expanding the list of ad hoc

Rhonda and I have expanded the editorial board. Over the past few months
we have invited a variety of scholars to join the board in an effort to
have a sufficient number of highly qualified reviewers in all areas.
Rhonda and I also are encouraging nominations of strong ad hoc reviewers.
Self-nominations are accepted. We felt these steps were extremely
important to take given the broader focus of articles we are encouraging.

* Including refereed as well as invited articles in the Yearly Review

Rhonda will be the editor of the Special Yearly Review Issue for 2001.
The topic she has selected is ?Managing in the Information Age.? The call
for papers is available on the homepage for the Journal of Management.

I hope these changes and innovations will continue to increase the status
of Journal of Management, so submit your manuscripts, serve as an ad hoc
reviewer, or use the website to locate citations to include in your
current and future papers!

Micki Kacmar,
Editor Designate
Journal of Management

Department of Management
College of Business
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1110
Tel: (850) 645-5656
Fax: (850) 645-5655


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