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I've just read a great overview article on power in organisations called
"Some Dare Call it Power" by Cynthia Hardy and Stewart Clegg. It can be
found on page 622 of the Clegg edited book "Handbook of Organizational

The authors review the immense iterature on power in organisations and see
it as as dividing into two main strands which virtually do not talk to
each other:

1. functionalist

2. critical

Functionalists largely view the power relations tied up in organisation
design (especially hierachies) as legitimate and necessary and are unable
to either problematise or critique the way things are. Until fairly
recently, for example, conventional organisation theory had little to say
about why women and other minorities, for example, were strangely missing
from senior roles...

In contrast, the critical theorists including those of the Marxist and
Weberian tradition once had a powerful critical model which explained and
predicted abuse, isolation and unhappines at work in terms of class
conflict, but their methodology has been eroded and muted by
post-modernists such as Foucault. The fall of communism has not helped

Do the authors offer easy answers or a nine point "to do" list? No, but
having read the article twice paragraph by paragraph I feel I better
understand a whole lot of questions around heirachy and power from a
number of perspectives.

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