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Malcolm Burson (mburson@mint.net)
Tue, 2 Nov 1999 17:28:08 -0500

Replying to LO23084 --

Steve, At, and friends --

The message below (much snipped) is an example of precisely why I'm still
an active participant after 4 years on this list. I find that I seldom
agree completely with either Steve or At, and that, in fact, they each
infuriate me at times. But the quality of respectful conversation and
inquiry that Steve manifests here is an example of just those ways of
thinking, speaking, and behaving that I work to inculcate in my agency
every day.

Thanks to you both, and to all of us.

Malcolm Burson

>Greetings, At
>I appreciate always the spirit of your messages, and have learned much
>from watching you, and reading you.
>I have wanted to move to "discussion" and "debate" with you, but have not
>yet learned how to do so in the framework of LO.
>Yours is what others have called a "grand theory," a total view of the
>world and how it is organized, and how it changes.
>I, on the other hand, can not hear and appreciate "grand theories." I
>believe that notions of "local knowledge" are more helpful: smaller
>discourses that help clarify, explain, change.
>So far, At, we are separated by walls of language.
>Perhaps we can find a common language, and lower or remove those walls.
>Be well.


"Malcolm Burson" <mburson@mint.net>

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