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John Gunkler (jgunkler@sprintmail.com)
Thu, 11 Nov 1999 09:58:42 -0600

Okay, At, I'm ready. You've teased us, again and again, with the promise
that you would share with us, in your words, "a way to demonstrate
empirically that a Law (resembling the Law of Entropy Production) also
happens in the spiritual world." Unless I missed it, buried under a
torrent of words somewhere in an ancient message, you have not done so.

So -- please share this with us.

But, before you do, please warn us if you have some idiosyncratic meaning
for the term "empirical." What I, at least, mean by it is "verifiable or
provable [i.e., falsifiable] from observation or direct experience."
Etymologically it derives from the Greek "empeirikos" which means

Then, just one more preliminary (I have even a higher standard for
scientific "laws" than that they be merely empirically verifiable) and
that is that any scientist, by following the described procedure, can
replicate the results claimed. This means, in the case of spiritual
matters, that you may not require that I be "of the faith" in order to
"experience" what you describe. So, if you have "a way to demonstrate
empirically that a law of entropy production happens in the spiritual
world," it must not require religious faith from the scientist who wishes
to understand or replicate its demonstration.

So, to summarize the challenge: Please explain your empirical
demonstration of the law of entropy production in the spiritual world
without (1) messing around with the meaning of "empirical;" and without
(2) requiring us to share your religious beliefs or faith. If you can do
this, I promise that I will listen attentively and with all the skepticism
that I typically use when learning to understand any purportedly
scientific evidence.

John W. Gunkler


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