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Fri, 12 Nov 1999 22:27:49 +1300

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Dear Robert

Yes I do know how to identify systems thinkers by tests and by interview,
Elliot Jaques has a method by listening to the syntax and structure of the
language. So does Gillian Stamp at BIOSS (using the Bruner card symbol
sort) plus Gibson and O'Connor with Jaques, Levels of Abstraction is the
book. Jaques has designed a recursive system called levels of work which
is linked to Time Horizon and complexity of information, and level of
abstraction. I have developed my own model using Boolean mathematics
concepts plus interviews, I also use O Connors' Truth tables. I have made
my own conclusions about the time horizon and complexity re my tests.
There is also another way sort of, using Roger Bailey's meta programs but
you have to use his specific and general pattern sort plus make an
assumption about how the person indentifies similarities and differences.
It is much more amorphous that way though and it is quite a pain to learn
NLP meta programs it took me about 6 months to get really comfortable with


Robert Richard wrote:

> Is anyone aware of an instrument that has been developed to identify
> individuals who are inclined to be system thinkers?
> Robert Richard <>


Gavin Ritz <>

[Host's Note: I can't find the book _Levels of Abstractions_ that Gavin mentions. ..Rick]

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